Tonya D’Agostino

5984 Monarch Drive
Farmington, NY 14425
Tel: (585) 233 4687

I have serviced our elders in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region for 25 years with a focus on long term care and skilled nursing care.

During my career I have seen the devastating impact our elders experience as a result of living home alone without the necessary resources to keep them safe. Often times falls and/or medication non-compliance can lead to hospitalization followed by a lengthy (and sometimes very expensive) skilled nursing stay or sometimes family members must make the difficult decision to place their loved ones in a long term care facility.

With a variety of services (Electronic Care Giver Premier and Electronic Care Giver Pro Health) , my goal is to assist you or your loved one with maintaining their safety while remaining at home independently and in the event you find yourself needing to recover from a hospital stay in a skilled nursing facility or needing long term care placement, I can assist you with these complex and often confusing processes.

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