Virtual Health Monitoring

Electronic Care Giver

Residents living with a single or combination of diseases, such as respiratory, diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer, MS, neurological, musculoskeletal or other health conditions represent a risk to themselves and the community.

As an example, if blood pressure suddenly drops to 70 over 30, dizziness can lead to a catastrophic fall, resulting in a broken hip or traumatic brain injury. By identifying an escalating condition in advance through daily monitoring, family and physician can be notified in real time and the condition can be quickly addressed.

Fifty percent of all treatment failures are a result of non-adherence with a prescribed treatment plan. Patients fail to remember to take medications. Patients fail to monitor vitals for early identification. Patients take medication, only to forget they did, taking a second dose moments later.

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By providing monitored medication reminders and logging patient acknowledgements, Virtual Care can keep residents and patients adherent to their health routines 24/7.

Electronic Caregiver can also provide two-way, automated, interactive voice technology scheduled assessments to survey for symptoms. By combining regular temperature readings with automated health surveys prompted by irregular measurements, with real-time notifications to the patient’s care circle, health anomalies can be identified and further investigated to address infectious disease before it spreads, along with other critical health conditions.

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